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 Broken economy 


The uk economy is currently broken. There are hundreds of highly qualified government officials trying their best to fix it. 


Throughout my life i have often come across problems, too many if i’m honest! I don’t welcome  failures but i do recognise them , there is a limit to how many times you can paint over the cracks. Sooner or later you have to admit defeat. There were all sorts of ways to keep my old car on the road back in the sixties, granny’s nylons made a good fan belt and an egg in the radiator stopped the leaking, it worked for a while, though i soon found that you can’t keep patching things up forever. “Problems with your computer?” Shut it down then reboot it.


The economy problem, is complex i know but it now has layer upon layer of beurocratic departments covering up the cracks, it’s costing billions for administration, simply because it is completely out of date, it’s been operating since the nineteenth century and no longer fit for purpose.


Time to shut down and start again. I always found that the simplest ways are best and to never overthink things. The systems are already in place to automate tax revenues. 


Abolish all taxes and introduce a compulsory tax on every financial transaction within the uk. This would provide steady cash flow to the treasury and enable them to set budgets for defence, social care and infrastructure.


Even a figure of 1%, would produce billions, from an ice cream to a mansion, every transaction involved in producing the ice cream, would be included effectively taxing the same money over and again.


This is not a political issue restricted to any party, it effects everyone across all political divides.


Mps would be responsible for their constituencies and be funded from central government based on population and geographical needs.


Transaction tax will work.

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